Race Transporter for hire.

Technical, Logistical and Operational Support for your race weekend or series

Brookspeed's four car race trailer with office.

Brookspeed's four car race trailer with office.

We are passionate about motorsport and are pleased to provide a tailor-made race support service to clients and race teams. Our business is staffed by technicians with race experience and we can provide as little as one technician for a track-weekend to creating a bespoke full-scale race support team capable of supporting your race series.

Our team have experience in establishing race teams from scratch, sourcing drivers and sponsorship opportunities, taking control of all the administration and logistics and most importantly providing that full technical race-support.

If you would like us to help support your next track day or race series please contact us for more information.

Equipment Hire

Full endurance equipment.

4 car race transporter

4 car race transporter

Track car build service.

Cayman S Gen 1

Porsche Cayman R

Porsche Cayman R


  1. Rear wing

  2. Wheels

  3. Tyres

  4. Radiator grills

  5. Tow eyes

  6. Plastic windows


  1. Roll cage - Full/Half

  2. Race seats

  3. Seat sub frames

  4. Race harnesses

  5. Race battery

  6. Battery cut off

  7. Steering wheel and Boss

  8. Short shift gear stick

  9. Fire extinguisher - Plumbed/Hand held


  1. Shock absorbers

  2. Springs

  3. GT3 lower arms


  1. Discs

  2. Pads

  3. Braided hoses

  4. Race fluid


  1. Air filter

  2. inlet plenum

  3. Exhaust system - Full/Cat back

  4. Re-map

  5. Lightweight flywheel

  6. Additional centre water radiator

Set Up

  1. Wheel alignment

  2. Ride height

  3. Corner weights

2008 British GT Champions