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Robin Jones


  • Rating: 5
I have been customer of Brookspeed for nearly 4 years now, being the fortunate owner of firstly a 997 turbo S & 991 GT3. I would like to share my experience and thoughts on Brookspeed, and I would also like to say that I was initially recommended to Brookspeed from a good friend. Apart from the general servicing, inspections and parts replacements over the time period, which has been outstanding throughout. Brookspeed went above all expectations on two occasions, firstly providing me with detailed instructions over the phone while on a road trip through Europe. My turbo actuator rod was freezing up, Brookspeed provided me with a short term fix manually until I got back and had it replaced. The service I received from them abroad (over the phone) was a life saver to the success of the trip, and I am very confident I would not have received this anywhere else. Secondly, I most recently had my Porsche keys stolen and Brookspeed went above and beyond to secure my GT3 within 24 hours. They pulled out all the stops to provide me with peace of mind and safely recovered it, because they put their customers first above all! The job they did in replacing the locks and key code was faultless. Thank you!! There are 4 things that truly set Brookspeed apart, and first three points below are most important to me when dealing with the two Porsches I have owned. 1. Extensive Knowledge & Honesty! 2. Take their time to fully explain the diagnostics and solution / work required. 3. Genuine personal service, which is very welcoming and professional – particularly Janine who keeps me informed at all times. 4. Price Structure. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know the team. I will not ever hesitate to recommend Brook Speed services to anyone, where I truly believe customer retention and service is at the forefront of their business. I look forward to maintaining a continued relationship with Brookspeed.
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