Tyler George Farr

  • Rating: 1

Paid for a gearbox issued to be fixed, was given a transmission service after holding the car for 2 weeks and been told the car was fixed, gearbox has had the same issue again less than 6 months later. I have reached out to see if the team can help and have been ignored. Real shame. Used them a few times, communication is poor, you have to chase them for any update and the work carried out has simply been a patch job and not a fix. Spent over £1k with them and am no better off than if I had just topped up the transmission oil myself. Plenty of other specialists out there to choose from. Will be taking the car elsewhere from now on.

- Edit - I have now taken my car to another independent who have diagnosed the issue and looks like when the transmission service was done, some of the bolts had been put back in without their spacers/washers and had "bodged" it back in which is why it was leaking.

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