The Beaulieu One Hundred Club

An exclusive club for true motor enthusiasts upholding our motoring legacy.

The Beaulieu One Hundred is an exclusive initiative, limited to just one hundred members, which encourages motoring enthusiasts, collectors and specialists to enjoy a closer relationship with the award-winning National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

For most of our members, the wish to give something back is as important as the opportunities offered. As motoring enthusiasts, they are keen to support the  National Motor Museum Trust  in the work they do, and to enthuse and educate the next generation in understanding and enjoying our motoring heritage as much as our Beaulieu One Hundred members do.  Some members sit on the Council and assist with building the social programme, introducing new members, and steering the direction of the club.

If you enjoy cars, whether they are old or new, fast or slow, pristine or a project, and you would like to find out more, please email Heather Jackson or call her on 01590 614634.


“The Beaulieu 100 is a marvellous invention, bringing together an ever-growing group of like-minded enthusiasts to both share, enjoy, and learn more about their favourite subject in the hallowed halls of the National Motor Museum. It’s probably one of the smallest, yet most distinguished, car clubs in the world!” Nick Mason

“Beaulieu One Hundred has been a revelation! We have been able to indulge our passion, meet fantastically fascinating people and at the same time give something back to help the preservation of our motoring heritage. Couldn’t get better!” Nigel Taylor

“As a Beaulieu One Hundred member I enjoy the enthusiastic and knowledgeable company of others who share a desire to sustain and develop the national treasure which is the National Motor Museum.” Mike Timmins

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