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Networking - Activation - Content creation - Brand engagement - Hospitality and Experience

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 Sponsors of drivers and teams connect their brands to the Porsche marque and use the championship as a communication platform for both business to consumer and business to business activities.

There is now so much awareness and excitement surrounding the championship that there are more sponsors than ever before. In addition to the huge brand exposure sponsors achieve, it provides ample opportunity and scope for use in sponsors’ wider marketing communications.

Sponsorship activities include but are not limited to: PR, customer communications, product placement, race weekend hospitality, display cars for events and business to business networking.

For the first time we are able to quantify the value of sponsoring a driver or team in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB. It is estimated that sponsorship is worth £250,000 in PR coverage and £200,000 in TV coverage.

Television and On-Line

Extensive television coverage

  • Exceptional coverage on ITV4 and ITV.
  • Approx. 1,750,000 live audience.
  • Approx. 55 hours of broadcast time.
  • Approx 2,090,000 culminated audience.

Extensive On-Line coverage

  • ITV Sport on-demand.
  • PCCGB You Tube playlist.

Social Media

Porsche enjoys a huge on-line following

  • 11,739,299 Facebook followers.
  • 1,560,000 Twitter followers.
  • 25,500,000 Instagram followers.
  • 43,000 Linkedin (GB only) 

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