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Daron Townson


  • Rating: 5

I've been using Brookspeed for about 5 years now, initially to maintain (And then sell on my behalf) my 996 Turbo and now to maintain and upgrade my current 996 Carrera 2. Over the past 5 years they have always been there with a friendly greeting (Janine is just fantastic!) and boundless help, advice and experience and I've always found them to go beyond my expectations (Despite always handing me invoices that seem to be slightly less than I had been expecting!) An example of this service was when I had my suspension fully refreshed and Ohlins coilovers fitted. On first booking the car in Janine suggested that if I could wait a few weeks they could have their race team suspension expert Simon (Yes, Brookspeed run a number of racing cars... Boxsters and a Carrera Cup I believe!) advise and set up my suspension. It is not often one has the opportunity to make use of this level of experience so I gladly agreed. After some discussion with Simon about how I intended to use the car a plan was formed and a date booked. On the chosen day I dropped the car off with a newly developed fluid leak ("Don't worry, we can sort that out while its here") and there then followed daily updates from Janine and Neil (The technician working on my car) keeping me updated, sending me pictures, suggesting that the bump stops could do with replacing etc. As you can imagine it's fantastic to be kept up to date like this and to know that the guys working on your car care and know what they are looking at! On collecting the car I was shown the new alignment diagram for the new (GT3 ride height) suspension and all I could say is "Wow!" Most of my cars have had modified suspension and full alignments done but I have never before see readouts as precise and symetrical as those shown for my car now and I'm sure indicative of the attitude of Race Team technicians. So thank you to Janine, Simon, Neil, Martin and everyone at Brookspeed. The fact that I am on first name terms with pretty much everyone there is a great indication of what a friendly, trustworthy and welcoming place it is. It won't surprise you to hear (If you've made it this far!) to hear that I unreservedly recommend them and will be using them for all further maintenance and upgrades on my Carrera.

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