Shock Absorbers & Springs


Drive it like every day is a track day.

If you want optimum performance on the road, your best bet is the BILSTEIN Street Performance sector. These shock absorbers offer a decisive advantage in damping force, providing sporty handling characteristics.

Enthusiasts seeking a lower ride height and even more driving involvement can also retain electronically switchable suspension with BILSTEIN’s height adjustable DampTronic® suspension systems.

DampTronic® features constantly variable damping, by using wheel speed sensors, suspension force sensors and engine control sensors. BILSTEIN DampTronic® can adjust the damping to suit the road surface. This dual damping characteristic is particularly important to provide a comfortable road ride and a performance circuit experience.

BILSTEIN B6 Performance.


The BILSTEIN B6 Performance is ideal gas-pressure shock absorber for those who refuse to compromise between performance or comfort.

For shock absorbers heavy loads or trailering are a big challenge. Built to OE quality standards, the BILSTEIN B6 delivers increased performance when demands are high. Even without lowering you will get better vehicle dynamics for a comfortable street performance in town and on the highway.

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